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The south west peninsula consists of many different types of roads, terrain and landscapes. Most importantly is the variety of roads there are to tackle. We have some of the most rewarding roads to take our sports cars on in the country, depending on your intentions. There are some excellent tight and windy coastal roads for attacking mode, countless 'FAST A's and B's for testing the cars performance and there are, believe it or not, a network of very scenic 'DUALS' for quick cruising, spanning the whole area, so every corner is easily accessible in no time at all.

Whatever type of road you will be driving you will always be guaranteed excellent scenery. Whether it is the rugged landscape of our moors, the blue and sandy coasts or the green and woody interior all, when you're not looking at your dials, are guaranteed to impress. You will of course eventually have to take a break from all this driving and exploring, but do not worry, the extravaganza continues.

At the end of all these roads is a plethora of places to enjoy. There are the coastal and country villages all with their cottages and inns, there are the lakes, rivers and reservoirs, many of which have their own restaurants, Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin Moor for total outdoor experience. There is also an extensive cycle network with many cycle hire outlets along the route.

Finally there are the towns and cities of the South West. Even these have unique and individual qualities of their own, by day or by night. Many of our metropolises have a huge selection of modern bars, hotels, cafes and restaurants of every international cuisine sympathetically contained in architecturally historic and beautiful buildings and surroundings.


Below is just a taster of some of the many routes which we have found that are best suited to get the most out of our cars. There will be many more suggestions in our drivers manuals supplied with the vehicle but here are a couple of examples to give you an idea of what to expect. We have categorised the routes into four groups depending on the type of drive you are in the mood for.

All routes chosen are guaranteed scenic, but the groups are determined by the driving styles they demand.

GREEN: These routes are the gentle ones. Chosen mainly for their extreme scenery and easy driving. Fancy just taking it easy, these are the roads for you.
See Green routes

AMBER: These routes are ideal for the fast blast.
See Amber routes

RED: The routes in this category are only slightly more demanding than the Amber runs. Mostly fast A's with some hidden B's they allow you to waft along at a sensible pace with long wooded straights and the occasional curve to keep you on your toes.
See Red routes

BLACK: As you know from being on the piste these are the most challenging of the runs. You will have to keep focused on these ones because there will be views on either side of you but there will be some hairpins somewhere in front of you. We suggest you practice on some Amber routes before you try these.
See Black routes

This is of course just the tip of the iceberg as far as the South West's driving roads go and we are discovering more every day. If you fancy finding some for us, book a car and get busy, we'll put your suggestions to the test.