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Evesham Vale Triathletes Would like to wish thier members both old & new A ery Merry Christmas & A Happy & Prosperous New Year

No more Sunday swims as of last week.
Tuesday 20th September the last Swim of the season SPLASH AND DASH

The splash 1 loop and dash to nearly the back gate and back, will start at 6.05 pm. If you want to take part then arrive early to sign in as normal. Regular swimming will commence after the racers go off. Swimming will continue till we cant see you or at 7.30 propmt which ever is first. Normal costs either way and pork baps available to warm you up after!! See you then!

EVT Team

Welcome to Evesham Vales Triathletes website.

We are a friendly sociable club which aims to increase participation in triathlon in the Evesham area and to provide coaching and competitive opportunities in triathlon from complete beginners to seasoned athletes. We hold weekly swim coaching sessions at Evesham Leisure Centre. We also arrange group cycling and run sessions.

What is Triathlon?

Maybe you've heard about triathlon from someone at work or caught a glimpse of it on the TV and now you're wondering what it's all about?

All triathlons start with a swim, which is followed by a bike ride and ends with a run.

You'll race against the clock which starts with the swim and stops when you cross the finish line after the run.

Race Distances vary depending on the individual distances.

The Swim

Evesham Vale Triathletes - Swim

The swim will take place in a swimming pool or open water, such as a lake or the sea, and if you're taking part in an Open Water event you will need a wetsuit. Many local triathlon clubs have access to a lake where you can practice.

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The Cycle

Evesham Vale Triathletes - Cycle

Helmets are compulsory for all races; even the Professionals wear them.

A bike is an essential bit of kit, but as long as it's been serviced and road worthy you can use it. Most races are on roads open to other traffic. If you're nervous or new to cycling, it would be useful to practice riding your bike on quiet roads until you have built up your confidence.

The bike route on your race will be signposted and have marshals to help direct you. However, it's always useful to check the competitor information to check the route before the race.

The Run

Evesham Vale Triathletes - Run

Shoes are the most important part of your running equipment, and it is worth making sure your trainers fit and are comfortable.

Running after the bike can be a little different, but don't panic; it will get easier as you continue to run.

There are usually drinks stations on the run route, and again the route will be signposted and have marshals.

If you need to improve your running your local triathlon club will have sessions and coaching available.

For more details about the club, please email Sara info@eveshamvaletriathletes.co.uk

Evesham Vale Triathletes

2015 Ragley Hall Open Water Swimming

Ragley Hall Lake Open Water Swimming

Evesham Vale Triathletes are very pleased to invite you again to this wonderful opportunity to use Ragley Hall's Lake for open water swimming.

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Melanie Betts Physiotherapy

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Richard Goode, Swim Coach

Richard Goode, Swim Coach

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